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Welcome to your Haven for Southern Recipes and Home Remedies!

If you’ve ever longed to break free from the rat race of life, slow down, enjoy the little things, had a sudden urge to start cooking from scratch, reduce exposure to chemicals in every day products, or rely on a home remedy now and then, you’re in the right place.

This little corner of the internet is meant to be a haven for harried, time crunched families to show that it is possible to incorporate old fashioned ways into modern life.  Speaking of that, let’s talk about the reason for the name, Dixieland Essentials.

Why Dixieland Essentials?

The term “Dixieland” covers a wide range of people and interests, but mostly is meant as a reference to our southern heritage.  You’ve probably heard,

chemical free recipes home remedies

Why yes, we do, and that’s not always a bad thing!  Our tea is sweet, days are long, waving and saying “Hi” to everyone is second nature. Bacon goes with everything, and a love for Jesus and family runs deep.  We also bless a lot of hearts ?.

The term “essentials” came to me after watching a video about life in old fashioned times.  During the show, a comment was made that resonates with me to this day…

chemical free recipes home remedies

Whoa.  How profound. Could there be a correlation between chemicals and wellness?  Around that time, I became focused on finding ways to improve my health and a friend introduced me to essential oils.  The comment couldn’t have come at a better time.  Those two sentences turned on the “light” for me and I began a DIY movement in our home of making our “essentials” for daily life myself.

In this little internet haven, Dixieland Essentials refers to the southern lifestyle and incorporating old fashioned DIY methods into modern, everyday life. True to our heritage, you may also notice southern sayings, family stories, and reflective insights.

Some attributes of the Dixieland Essentials way of life might be:

  • Making natural cleaning products to reduce exposure to chemicals.
  • Researching a home remedy of generations-past to soothe seasonal discomforts.
  • Getting more excited going to the farmer’s market or antique shop than the mall.
  • A preference for cooking with cast iron.
  • Painstakingly researching holistic food for the beloved family dog.
  • To own more mason jars than plastic food containers.
  • Making kid-safe effective bug spray and hand sanitizer.
  • Enjoying tomatoes, salad greens and herbs from container gardens.
  • Find cooking to be as good as therapy.
  • To pause and take in the scent of freshly cut hay, dirt or ground wet from rain.
  • Making organic DIY beauty products.
  • Digging up the back yard to plant a garden, despite raised eyebrows of the neighbors.
  • Whipping up dinner in a flash with wholesome, real ingredients.

Dixielanders come from all different backgrounds and stages of life.   Some from a self-sufficient heritage, some from the heart of the city.  Some single, some newlyweds, some with small families, some with large families, some still in college.

But no matter their background, they have one common goal:

To reconnect with life in a slower time.  To be self-sufficient. To find satisfaction from creating something they actually prefer over store-bought options.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to your Haven.

Join me with a glass of sweet tea and let’s begin!

You don’t have to go to extremes or spend a lot of time to bring a little old fashioned inspiration and self-sufficiency into your life. Many of the recipes and remedies on the site are developed with a philosophy of…

chemical free recipes home remedies

So please  don’t feel you need to rush out and spend a fortune on DIY supplies to begin.  The important thing is that you just….BEGIN.  Feel free to use what you have on hand.  Substitution suggestions are available for many posts, or feel free to ask for suggestions in a comment.

Thanks for stopping by. Please make yourself at home and do share your tips, successes, and lessons learned. I appreciate your emails, comments, and shares. I love learning new things!

When you have a moment, I would love for you to visit the Dixieland Essentials Facebook page and introduce yourself. I’ll be watching for your post!

Peace, Love, and Joy to you!



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